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[Ver también el banco de datos en español.] Bishop has examined news and court archives and identified nearly 80 clergy in Chile publicly accused of sexually abusing minors. Not named in the Chilean bishops' original list of 18 guilty clerics, published November 11, 2011, but named in all subsequent iterations of the list, from 2012 to 2016.

The database reveals the distinctive aspects of the Catholic abuse crisis in Chile, and the degree to which much remains hidden. Domingo Mileo Toledo, OFM Deacon Hugo Montes Brunet Rev. Ricardo Muñoz Quinteros Deacon José Miguel Narváez Valenzuela Rev. Eduardo Olivares Martínez Bishop Marco Antonio Órdenes Fernández Rev. In August 2016, the bishops unpublished the list of names, replacing it with a list of tallies.

In apologizing for its "errors and omissions" in handling the case, the Society finally admitted that Aguinaldo indeed had abused the two children and had been rightfully convicted.

In late 2015, the victim's family dropped the lawsuit in exchange for a public apology and unspecified reparations by the Society.

In a section addressing reparation, it notes that this is the obligation of the perpetrating priest (see paragraph 77, page 49). Declaración del Arzobispo de Santiago, Cardenal Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa,, Caso del "cura Tato": Octavo procesamiento por abuso sexual, El Mercurio de Valparaiso, Rights-Chile: Bishop Suspected of Sex Abuse Retires to Monastery, by Gustavo Gonzáles, ipsnews2, En el Nombre de Tato, by Víctor Gutiérrez, La Nación, Cura Tato condenado a 12 años de prisión, El Mercurio, Yo, Pecadora, by Juan Manuel Ugalde R., La Nación, Corte Suprema confirmo condena a 12 anos para el cura "Tato",, Top Cardinal, Tarcisio Bertone, Blames Paedophile Crisis on Homosexuals, by Ruth Gledhill, The Times, Snapshots of Catholic Priests Accused of Abuse, Associated Press, Las Sotanas Sucias se Lavan en Casa,, La condena del "cura Tato" llega a su fin, by E. Concha, Latercera, Cura Tato Desata Preocupación Entre Vecinos de Santo Domingo,, by Erasmo Tauran, Vecinos organizan un funa contra el cura Tato en Santo Domingo, by Rodrigo Ogalde, [San Antonio], Cura Tato: su vida lejos de la cárcel José Andrés Aguirre,, El cura Tato: uno de los casos de abuso sexual que remeció a la iglesia chilena, La Tercera, José Andrés Aguirre, el cura “Tato”, fallece a los 56 años en el Hospital del Salvador, El Dinamo, Murió el cura Tato, el ex sacerdote condenado por abusos deshonestos a menores, Soy Chile [San Antonio], El juicio del "cura Tato",, Teacher at a number of Marists schools, including the Chacabuco Institute of the Andes.

Bishop presents this profile of child sex abuse in the Chilean church in the hopes of facilitating more disclosure and more accountability. In 2017 a former Chacabuco Institute student told a reporter that Alegría sexually abused him beginning when he was 13 years old in 1977.

They openly reinstate, for instance, priests who have faced multiple allegations of abuse. Juan Carlos González Deacon Luis Rubio González Rev. In June 2003, a Chilean court sentenced Aguirre to 12 years in prison for the crime of “abuso deshonesto” against nine girls and statutory rape against a tenth victim.

Chile’s senior churchman, Santiago archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, announced in December 2016 that Cristián Precht Bañados had fulfilled his canonical sentence of five years’ suspension from ministry. (He reportedly had raped and impregnated at least one girl when she was age 13.) Aguirre thus became the first Chilean priest to be convicted of sexually abusing children.

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Rimsky Mario Alfonso Rojas Andrade, SDB Deacon Eduardo Rojas Gonzáles Rev. [See the court's ruling.] The family of one of the victims filed a civil suit in September 2012 for 700 million pesos against the school. A report by CIPER, a Chilean center for investigative journalism, found that the school’s primary concern was to report the abuse to the diocese before civil authorities or the victim’s family. Emotiva Eucarista de despedida en Victoria al prroco Carlos Aedo del Sagrado Corazn,, Suspenden a sacerdote de Purn por denuncia de abuseo sexual ocurrido hace 27 aos, biobiochile, Sacerdote de Purén fue suspendido tras acusación de abuso sexual a menor,, Vicar of education of San Bernardo diocese until 2007. Committed suicide in September 2010 after admitting to church officials that he had grabbed the buttocks of a 14-year-old schoolboy and tried to kiss him during confession.Promulgated in 2015, the 80-page document pledges pastoral care of victims and a commitment to protecting children. It also contains no promise by the bishops to inform law enforcement of abuse; instead, it reminds victims and their relatives that it is their responsibility to report (see paragraphs 53-56 on page 40). Aguirre was released from prison in November 2012, 24 months early, sparking concern among residents of the Santo Domingo district where he decided to locate.Finally, it omits any recognition of the church’s role in making reparations to the victims. He died in November 2013 at age 56 from complications of muscular myotonic dystrophy.

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