Insoo and jisoo dating site

Jisoo's law firm has a record of dropping the charges against A.

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One wrong decision, may result in a couple deaths, so choose wisely.20 Lovelyz released 'Hi~' 20 Woollim stated that after the investigation, they fined A (accused) and B (underage) for spreading false rumors.20 'Jisooluv' got a summary order 20 A formal trial requested 20 A lawyer submitted to drop the charges 20 Trial date (the accused attended), the end of the trial (20 ~ 20 - private trial timeline) 20 According to a person on Twitter, the accused A aka Jisooluv demanded a formal trial.Now their mission is to find out why their parents split and bring their family back together.Of all the ways Jinyoung could have seen this unfolding, this wasn't one of them, but maybe that's not a bad thing.

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