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Morocco is comprised of four distinct geographic regions.

The Rif Mountains lie in the northern part of the country parallel to the Mediterranean coast and rise to 8,000 feet (2,400 meters).

Many of these resources are processed for export, making the western coast the economic center of the country.

The majority of Morocco's heavily populated urban centers also lie in this region, including the capital city of Rabat.

Before the Arabs spread their language and culture across northern Africa, Berber dialects were spoken in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Although the dialects can still be heard in some rural areas, the Berber linguistic tradition is oral rather than literary, and there is no formal alphabet or standard written form of the language. Rifan is the dialect spoken in the Rif Mountains as well as in some rural areas of eastern Morocco along the Algerian border.

After centuries of intermingling, most Moroccans today are an Arab-Berber mix, although a few tribes in the countryside identify themselves as purely Berber.

The remaining .09 percent of the population is comprised of Jews, white Europeans, and black Africans.

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The High and Middle Atlas are home to the Amazigh Berbers, another of the major tribes, while the Soussi tribe lives in the Anti-Atlas.The king has declared that all citizens are born Sunni Muslims, and Islam is an important part of everyday ritual life.The Moroccan government is a constitutional monarchy, with a very powerful king.Spanish is widely spoken in the northern parts of the country, and English is commonly spoken to international tourists.Multi-lingualism exists to such a degree that Moroccans may switch from one language to another midsentence. Perhaps the most famous city in Morocco is Casablanca.

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