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After years of experience I can tell you that one of the quickest ways to find out if your child is ready for lessons is to put them on a routine of 3 or 4 times per week at home learning something about guitar or music.

If they are excited to do it this is a very good sign, if they are resistant and don't want to spend the time at home working on it this is a pretty good indicator that they aren't ready.

I completely understand and this a common concern that parents have.

I have found that often times children love the idea of playing a musical instrument, but don't necessarily understand the amount of work involved and when they are faced with regular practice times at home they can quickly lose interest.

For this reason I allow the equivalent of one month of lessons to be cancelled without penalty per calendar year.

If a lesson is missed and I don't receive a call or text to let me know about the cancellation by the lesson start time ("no call no show"), then the lesson is lost and there will be no credit applied to the account.

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Since lessons are scheduled monthly and there are no long term commitments you can feel free to start and stop lessons as you wish, just let me know your plans and we will schedule (or not schedule) your lessons accordingly. Just make sure you give at least a month notice so that you don't lose out on any lessons you have already scheduled and paid for.

A child HAS to go to school and learn math, science, etc. For that reason I wouldn't pressure them to practice and take it seriously, they should be willing to do that on their own without any pressure because they truly want to. There are thousands of guitars and amps out there, and MANY different types and price ranges (acoustic, electric, solid body, hollow body, 6 string, 7 string, tube amps, solid state, etc.).

I can help you pick a guitar and amp that will suit you based on the style of music you are interested in, whether the guitar is for a child or an adult, your price range, etc.

Cancelling lessons beyond the yearly limit does not jeopardize your standing as a student, it just means those lessons will be lost.

If I need to cancel a lesson, I will either apply a credit for the lesson to your account, or refund your money for the lost lesson, whichever you prefer.

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