Brittany daniel the game dating

plus, who wants to see their mama or daddies face when being intimate? Man that "Yo momma black" shit has to be the biggest cop-out in the black woman handbook to make black men feel guilty, but one thing i never hear when black women date WHITE MEN is "Yo daddy black" why is that???

Because nobody care , you aren't dating your daddy or momma when you looking for a mate!!! Us as black men ought to give a thank you letter to other races of women saying "Thank you for letting me BE MYSELF!! How many WHITE child stars have gone into severe depression once they found out they were thrust ed into Hollywood only because they were a walking meal ticket to their MOMS specifically.

I honestly say to all brothas that WE HAVE OPTIONSSSSSSSS SO LEAVE BLACK WOMEN TO THESE THUG ASSS NEGROS, AND RACIST WHITE BOYS since they love them so damn much.

Like one young lady said on a previous post sometimes you be on point and then others you sound like an angry ignorant man.

We wonder if she will ever reprise her "Kelly Pitts" role on The Game?

We'd love to see her go one-on-one with Brandy's Chardonnay character.

Just cause she black GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, DATE A WOMAN CAUSE SHE LOVES YOU AND WILL LET YOU BE A MANNNNN IN THE HOUSEHOLDDDDDD. And just cause a woman gave birth and raised you don't mean she did it the right way and was the best mother. Travel this world, you will see that women can have cultural differences but in the end we're all emotional and no one is better than the next. Some woman, probably your mother, aunt, grandma...Black woman really phucked your head, mind, and soul completely up.laugh now cry later when she takes you blk azz to the cleaners! also, ppl dont CHOOSE their parents but they do choose who they have a relationship with.some ppl want something different, no offense to their mothers, grandmothers, aunties and nem.Additionally, she revealed the real reasons why she left the show a few seasons ago.She also discussed how she saved her money when she was out of work.

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